HOT TAKES – Take 20 (Ghosts)


TGC gives his HOT TAKE on ghosts. Why are we jumping around on the HOT TAKES order? We went from TAKE 3 to TAKE 19 to TAKE 20? Well I try to post the right take for the right day. The other day my aunt and uncle were over and we were talking ghosts. I told them I had a HOT TAKE on ghosts and I figured I would post it this week. Enjoy and make sure to do other social media in support and loyalty of The Great Chernesky.

Hack Attack

So lately I have been receiving emails from InstantGram that someone is trying to get into my account. Do I have an InstantGram account? Apparently. Is it under attack? I guess so. Do I know how to use InstantGram? Not at all.

When you are a celebrity, they give you a verified account on things like Twitter and also on InstantGram. So obviously they gave me @Chernesky as I am the most famous person alive or dead with that last name. Apparently some dark force over the dark web is trying his or her (let’s be honest, it’s a him) dark hand at compromising my account, probably to send out scam messages to all my loyal followers–that apparently I have on there.

You know you’ve arrived when people try to hack you. Only the top somebodies get hacked:

  • Home Depot
  • Adele
  • Target
  • Anthem Health
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • The IRS

The list goes on and on.  Obviously the IRS is the least important thing on that list (we could live without them), but as you can see you are being targeted for a reason: because you’re the best.

So we will continue to BLAZE UP the firewall, which is easy with all the HOT TAKES coming out of Auburn these days.  Whatever dark force is trying to get the InstantGram account can shove it up the ol shove-hole because verified celebrity accounts are impenetrable.

Now that I know I have this InstantGram thing I can start posting, I think pictures there.  I don’t actually know how to upload a profile picture but I see it can be done.

Chernesky out.

HOT TAKES – Take 19

I got a bunch of requests on Facebook to post a MOM TAKE/HOT TAKE for Mother’s Day.  So one scheduled for…the future…is getting posted today to appease the masses.

This is a HOT TAKE on practicing your music, and how my Mom told me about Frank Sinatra. Happy Mothers Day.